Courses 2015-2016

Fall 2015

CST 295: Resistance as Method: Social Struggles in a Violent World

CRN: 47751
Instructor: Maurice Stierl,
R 12:10-3:00pm, Wellman 3.

This course proposes practices of resistance as significant vantage points for critical social and political inquiry. In a world that is marked by grave injustices and inequalities, social movements emerge that struggle for social change and contest forms of violence, exploitation, racialisation, victimisation and marginalisation. When regarding these resistances ‘as method’, we can productively engage with various analytical tools and examine a plethora of significant concepts, including power, hegemony, human rights, solidarity, community and democracy. In this course we will analyse particular social movements and their forms of resistance, most prominently contemporary struggles over migration and borders, and explore the work of important scholars in this field, such as Gloria Anzaldúa and Étienne Balibar. Other authors who will be relevant to engage these social struggles in greater depth include Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, bell hooks, and Stuart Hall.

Winter 2016

CST 295: Human Rights and Protest

CRN: 43465
Instructor: Sunaina Maira,
M 1:10-4pm, Room to be announced.

Human rights has emerged as a dominant political paradigm for global politics, both providing a basis for transnational protest movements and a discourse for legitimizing military interventions by nation-states that challenge national sovereignty. Humanitarianism and human rights often pivot based on a racialized definition of humans who deserve rights and regions in need of rescue. We will explore the ways in which humanitarianism has come to replace older frameworks of internationalism, and what the implications of these developments are for groups attempting to use human rights as a legible language for political recognition and redress.